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With so much continued uncertainty regarding Covid-19 and the red-light restrictions in place, after a helluva’ lot of discussion with all involved, we’ve had to make the big call to postpone the 2022 ‘What’s the Beef’ Roadshow events until 2023…
Whilst there is a real sense of disappointment around making the call to postpone, the health and safety of our program partners, on-farm hosts, sponsors and supporters, and the wider farming community always comes first.
Thanks to all of you for coming on board to support and bring this event together, we appreciate your patience as we’ve worked hard to keep our 2022 plans in place.

We have already started exploring exciting ideas to bring to the table in 2023 and we look forward to your support of these ‘What’s the Beef’ events.
Watch this space, we’ll keep in contact as our new plans come together!

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What's the Beef is an initiative that seeks to add significant value to the bottom line for commercial beef farmers in NZ.


The farmer-focussed roadshow, will be run across five locations, on-farm and tailored to the commercial beef farmer.  


These workshops are designed to educate producers about the added value and increased profitability that breeding quality beef can have on their businesses.


The events will feature the importance of beef eating qualities across all breeds, what processors look for in a carcass, how nutrition management can benefit your program, and the important role that high performance genetics play in the equation.

Stay tuned for more information around our 2023 events!

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