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‘What’s the Beef’ – value for sponsors

Mark Harris leads the Extension Team for Beef and Lamb NZ, one of the key sponsors of ‘What’s the Beef'
“‘What’s the Beef’ represents strong collaboration across producers, processors and marketers, aiming to bring different parties together to put information in front of farmers so they can make better decisions and improve their profitability.
“Beef farmers need to plan around their genetics, setting clear objectives on what they intend to produce, and using that to guide commercial decisions. If you are buying a bull and choosing between two that look the same, how do you pick between them? Understanding the history of the bloodline of each will help you make a better decision. ‘What’s the Beef’ encourages farmers to ensure they are well informed and therefore able to make better decisions.
“Feedback from farmers shows that this initiative is well-received, and can go further. Beef and Lamb NZ supports the further development of ‘What’s the Beef,’ and looks forward to being involved again in 2022.”

Liam Beattie is General Manager for bidr®, New Zealand’s Virtual Saleyard
“With bidr®, we are offering something new to farmers. While we do have a presence at a lot of on-farm sales, because we are an online platform first impressions of bidr are often formed while looking at a computer or mobile phone. Sponsoring ‘What’s the Beef’ is an excellent opportunity for bidr to interact with farmers in person. Meeting a significant number of the most innovative sheep and beef farmers throughout the country through the road-shows gives us a chance to demonstrate in person our offering and potential value to their businesses.
“Meeting farmers who are strongly motivated to improve their business, and being associated with an event that shows them how to do that, makes ‘What’s the Beef’ a valuable sponsorship for us.”

Amy Hoogenboom is Genetics Area Manager, Beef for Zoetis Genetics NZ, a ‘What’s the Beef’ sponsor that uses genomics to help farmers make more profitable breeding decisions, from selection, to mating, to marketing
“As well as providing DNA testing services, Zoetis seeks to educate farmers about the value of genetics. ‘What’s the Beef’ is an opportunity to put that into practice.
“Seeing a large group of people from multiple industry-leading bodies all working together to improve meat quality and the bottom line is inspiring for commercial farmers. Educating them, advocating to breed and produce better quality beef, is what the sector needs to take it forward.
“Bringing other related businesses on board, providing them a way to show where they sit in the supply chain and how they assist the farmer to increase returns will take ‘What’s the Beef’ to a new level.
“Most farmers are practical people who learn through doing rather than listening. Having more hands-on workshops, enabling farmers to have those ‘light bulb’ moments and apply what is taught through the ‘What’s the Beef’ initiative, will add further value.
“Bringing all parties together to help improve the eating experience for consumers is an excellent objective, and one that we can achieve.”