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About 'What's The Beef' 

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Helping farmers lift productivity 

An initiative that seeks to add significant value to the bottom line for commercial beef farmers is back and better than ever in 2022.

In 2021 PGG Wrightson, along with AngusPure, Beef and Lamb NZ, bidr®, Zoetis and Allflex initiated ‘What’s the Beef’.
A road-show across ten venues attracted more than 500 beef farmers from Whangarei to Gore, while the ‘What’s the Beef’ digital campaign reached over 60,000 people.

Speakers included geneticists, farm consultants, chefs and processors, covering topics including:

  • How you use genetics to grow profit;

  • Nutrition and farm management for meat quality;

  • What processors are looking for to serve the overseas market and how farmers can accommodate that; and

  • Why the restaurant trade is looking for quality and consistency from red meat and how this works for them.


Positive feedback from the farmers who attended ‘What’s the Beef’ reinforced our 2022 events. This year the focus will be on practical steps to push these themes further into the field, helping ensure they are implemented on farms throughout the country. While giving farmers the tools they need to maximise profits, ‘What’s the Beef’ will also ensure that environmental bottom lines remain in firm focus, which genetics can also play a key role in delivering.

In 2022 ‘What’s the Beef’ will take the form of a nationwide series of on-farm field days, aiming to reach 1000 farmers in attendance in person. Although this is a big step up, we know from the feedback following last year’s event, and from our day to day contact with them, that farmers are highly receptive to the information we will put in front of them.

Proven ways to add value

Providing farmers with the information they need to improve performance is the objective of ‘What’s the Beef.’ Genetics, stock management and feeding are everything: improving returns for farmers begins right at the start with buying the bull: a decision that relates directly to what the market wants from the most desirable dining experience.

Processors generate premiums for beef based on marble scores, which co-relates to what the end consumer demands. Generous premiums over and above processing schedule prices for beef are available for the most sought after animals.

Earning an additional $10,000 for a mob of 40 cattle for slaughter is one documented example of what is achievable. For beef quality with the optimum marble score processors will pay premiums of $1 per kilogram above schedule price, improving returns by as much as 20 per cent.

‘What’s the Beef’ brings together specialists from throughout the industry to show farmers how to use these factors to enhance profitability.

Making positive change

Change can be managed through the ADKAR process:

  • Awareness of the need for change.

  • Desire to support the change

  • Knowledge of how to change

  • Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviour

  • Reinforcement to make the change permanent.

‘What’s the Beef’ is taking farmers through that process, with those already engaged leading the way for the rest of the sector, and into the ‘knowledge’ and ‘ability’ stages of the process.

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